“All the Energy that is in Water We Hold in the Palm of Our Hand”

Water is always present, Ever changing, is always energy...

water is, "ever present energy"

Raging Rivers, surging seas, pounding waves, driving rains, gushing waterfalls, plumes of steam, avalanches of snow or the splash of a calving glacier… Water in all its phases, liquid, gas or solid, represents captured energy – potential to be utilized.

Energy held in the water mass of our planet, with origin in the sun, has manifestation in form of water temperature, creating circulation through the depths of the ocean and across the seas, driving distribution of climate, the formation of moisture laden clouds, creating winds and generating wave forms upon the seas.

Bodies of water covering 70% of our planet, held in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and canals can vary in size, location and elevation, rarely static, often flowing, seeking the path of least resistance to achieve equilibrium. The quest of water, to transform its held potential energy to kinetic energy and back, provides the gift of power to the planet for those who can manipulate it, efficiently and responsibly.

Water is a medium, a vehicle, a transmitter, a conveyor. Its qualities are fluidity and cohesiveness. Flowing water represents change and the passage of time. Water represents life, associated with birth, fertility, and refreshment.

In a Christian context, water has many correlations. Christ walked on water, and transmuted it into wine, water can be seen as a medium of transcendence of the earthly condition, symbolizing a purification of the soul, and an admission into the faith.

However, water can also be the most destructive force on earth; water drowns and erodes, wearing away even the densest of materials given enough time. Moving water is the driving force that changes the Earth most readily. Water works as a “destroyer, creator & preserver” of life.

Water is our future; from its abundance we can produce energy, irrigate our crops and hydrate our bodies. Samuel Taylor Coleridge said in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”: “Water, water, everywhere, nor any a drop to drink” as they stared into the ocean. In today’s age this statement should read, “Water, water, everywhere, with power and abundance in every drop, and every drop drinkable”. Man’s innovation has made this possible and our technologies can make it all true. Choose water and we can cool the fire and quench our thirst with a worthy alternative that is truly sustainable.

“Awaken yourself to the truth about water!”