Investment for a “Blue Economy” in Our Children’s Future

Diamond Infrastructure has been granted the opportunity by Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. to control the licensing and lead the charge to deploy SeaDog Wave Energy conversion systems across the planet. The full licensing rights will be secured upon completion of our current funding round covered by our revised PPM of July 2021. The funds are being used to acquire nearly 19% of Global Oceanic, at a cost of $13.75M (balance of $9.05M), in the form of company shares and convey to Diamond day-to-day leadership of the Global Oceanic corporate machine. Diamond Infrastructure have already secured $5M funding toward this objective under the prior revision of the PPM of May 2020.

Over 40 years of effort and investment on part of Global Oceanic and their shareholders, respectively, have culminated in this line of products which not only present a clean and sustainable solution for renewable energy and freshwater, but an opportunity for creating generational wealth for Diamond Infrastructure and their shareholders, and as well for those energy and infrastructure developers whom procure use of technology licenses.

As a C-Corp, registered in Texas, Diamond will maintain private status and will participate with strategically selected accredited investors. Our working group should be comprised of representatives across the offshore energy value chain including offshore energy corporations, utility developers, management and technical consulting firms, engineering and construction companies, major fabrication entities, material suppliers and machining facilities.

The industrial fabric and legacy of offshore oil and gas is easily re-purposed to our strategy, where the roll-out of SeaDog Systems into the coastal waters of the US will result in job creation and revitalization for the coastal economies. The unkept promises and impractical targets made by offshore wind will be fulfilled, and state’s renewable portfolio standards satisfied by mobilizing the industry in accordance with our plan.

The opportunities for ground floor entry, for accredited investors only, into this disruptive and prolific venture are limited and the timeline to launch is on a fast track, so contact us a.s.a.p. for a copy of our offering document, while seats on the bench of our A-Team are available!

Private Investing for a True Alternative to "Wind, Solar, hydrogen, Nuclear & Fossil Fuels"