Become an Offshore Dam-Free Hydro Electric Power Licensee Using

SeaDog’s Versatile Wave Energy Carousels

Diamond Infrastructure Development, having licensor control of the rights to the SeaDog Systems wave energy conversion technology, is offering sub-licenses to developers, like yourselves, in the infrastructure, energy, and desalination sectors of the growing Blue Economy.

The variety of potential embodiments include wave energy conversion arrays that can be scaled to any level of power demand for a given wave climate, or any rate of flow for desalinated water supply for metropolitan areas through municipalities.

SeaDog Wave Pump configurations can vary from single pump to full 24-pump carousel configurations.  This allows for application concepts which can range from grid-scale multi-gigawatt power plants, supplying the US Eastern Seaboard via network of square-mile arrays, joined by a coast-wise liquid grid pipeline system, to stand alone megawatt arrays supplying island states/nations with both hydropower and desalinated water, to off-the-grid systems supplying kilowatts.

License agreements for the wave energy and desalination systems can be designed according to end-users needs, development capital and specific applications.  The terms of the licenses granted will be unique to each application of the technology in terms of geography, utility and revenue generation.

Each license is supported by the technical expertise of Diamond Infrastructure for total system delivery to ensure full value potential is realized.

Facing a challenge in infrastructure, energy or water? Seek to develop an opportunity in the Blue Economy? Come talk to us!

In addition to the wave energy conversion and desalination liquid-grid systems, the future activities of Diamond Infrastructure Development will be to leverage our exclusive rights from Global Oceanic/SeaDog Systems to market licenses to their other advanced technologies, which have hundreds of practical applications utilizing their portfolio of technology building blocks.

The concepts and visions of these technologies are applied on, above and beneath the world’s waters.  In addition to base-load grid scale energy and water, these technologies address transportation, irrigation, agriculture, aquaculture and ranching systems, residential structures, commercial structures, bridges, aqueducts and habitats.

The licensees for use of these advanced technologies will be developers in the utility, industrial and recreational industries. The commercial and financial premise for use of the license by these entities will be correlated to the earning potential of the operational systems.

Coming Soon … Offshore Systems to Meet Nearly Every Infrastructural Need …