Technologies Offered

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Redesigning The Use

of our ocean's waves

Taking Wave Energy Converters to the next step, SeaDog Systems’ omni-directional 24 piston wave converter carousel provides superior high-pressure pumping solutions for grid scale hydroelectric power, desalination and liquid transport, unsurpassed in today’s wave energy markets.


A very flexible and environmentally friendly wave energy converter


Standard offshore wind tower modified to a sea stand for hanging wave energy converters


Developed specifically for diverse and ever changing sea states and global wave regimes


Scalable design in nine usable configurations

powering tomorrow's


In anticipation of key questions posed by interested parties in the SeaDog wave energy technology, this document has been prepared to address the maturation of the SeaDog System from its inception to date and provide details of its technical validation.


Summarizes the pros and cons of terrestrial and marine renewable energy systems


Includes history of development and technical readiness journey of the SeaDog wave pump


Presents comparison of capacity factor and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to offshore wind


Highlights commercialization scenarios depicting strategic benefits of SeaDog technology

Wave energy carounsels

Non-fuel systems

The SeaDog Wave Energy Conversion Carousel System offers better economy, ecology and return on investment than any power system in operation today. This compilation of articles and information addresses environmental and cost issues connected to various renewable energy technologies.
Disadvantages of conventional Hydroelectric Dam Systems
The Giga and Terra Scam of Offshore Wind Energy
The Solar Panel Toxic Waste Problems
The Cost of Wind, Solar & Fossil Fuel: Cannot Compete with Wave Carousels


... Same winner!

Sustainable Energy is a Good Idea, “Wind and Solar for Hydrogen”… NOT! Energy storage can take various forms, pumped water storage, compressed air, lithium batteries etc. – each have their inherent problems. The attached synopsis outlines the deficiencies of the “next big thing”, hydrogen.
How lack of renewable system capacity factors have been compensated on the grid
Critical role of storage technologies to justify wind and solar energy
Erosion of capital and energy efficiency when adding hydrogen generation to the value chain
Advantages of SeaDog Wave Energy Carousels for desalination, pumping and pressurization